Tube Knot Candle - POLLOCK PURPLE DOT 'Limited Edition'


Made exclusively by hand by our pals at Korean Design Studio: HONEY FLAMINGO, our luxurious fragrant knot candles are made from 100% natural soy wax.

The Tube Knot Candle series have unique shapes with different scents according to the type and colour, with options of either single or double knot designs in our range.

This 'Limited Edition' Purple Dot candle is inspired by the work of the American painter Jackson Pollock, who set completely new accents in the art scene with his abstract expressionism.

Create a sense of hygge and get into the nordic mood! Our fragrant design candles are made from natural soy wax and each is made exclusively by hand. Each unique piece complements your atmospheric decoration and ensures a pleasant room scent.

Each unique and decorative candle will complement any interior, with a subtle uplifting room aroma (if you choose to light it!) - this ivory colourway with it's bright pink dots offers subtle scents of White Coconut.

The tube knot candle has become iconic over recent months, continuing to pop up on the feeds of our favourite influencers and interior stylists.

The elegant ivory colour, and unique abstract form, will add class to any bedside, sideboard or coffee table.

Available in a range of scents & colours including ivorypastel lime greenpastel salmon pink, grey dot speckled ivory & lavender blue.

Handmade in South Korea.

Style: Single Knot
Fragrance: White Coconut
Material: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Wax Colour, Cotton Wick
Dimensions: L 120 mm x H 120 mm
Net weight: 460g
Burning time: approx. 19 hours

Comes in high-quality packaging making it the perfect luxury gift.