'Stars & Stripes' Screenprint - BLACK


This screenprint is made up of expressive overlapping shapes and textures, inspired by the famous 'Old Glory' Stars and Stripes of the American flag.

In the landmark case 'Texas v. Johnson' in 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that desecrating the American flag is a form of speech protected by the First Amendment. Defendant Gregory Lee Johnson had burned a flag in an act of protest at the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas. Prior to that ruling it was, indeed, illegal to burn the flag.

Printed in a single colour by hand, using centuries-old traditional silkscreen printing techniques, giving each print a tactile, colour-rich quality, with natural imperfections.

Hand printed by Forajer in Bournemouth, UK.

Also available in Black & Coral and Black & Yellow colourways, all complimenting each other to create a set.

- Single Colour Screenprint - Designed and hand printed by FORAJER
- Signed and stamped
- Edition: Open 
- Print Colour: Black
- Ink: Water-based 
- Size: 50cm x 50cm 
- Paper: Fabriano Unica - 50% Cotton (250gsm)

This print is posted *Unframed* in a secure poster tube.