Press Candle - ORANGE


Our luxurious fragrant Press Candles are made exclusively by the famous Korean Design Studio: HONEY FLAMINGO. And we are immensely proud to be the first (and currently only) stockist in Europe!

Using only the finest vegetable soy wax, these striking 'press candles' are carefully crafted by hand, with only the highest quality fragrances added to tingle your senses.

In its simple circle form, this candle gives a feeling of being pressed from above. The area holding the wick is concave in shape, allowing the candle to burn a little more slowly. 

The colour element is then carefully dripped across the candle, and with each one being hand made (over 7 days) there is a difference between each candle, making them a unique and one-off piece for your home.

You can choose to style your home with just one candle for a minimalist look, or pair with our other colours to make a feature on any shelf or sideboard.

They look incredible as an ornamental piece... but if you do choose to light it and let it burn, then this orange variant has the scent of Freesia & Tulip - a fresh scent with freesia, green deli and white wood scents.

Our Press Candle series are unique shapes with different scents according to the type and colour. Also available in Black (Jasmine) & Ivory (Gardenia).

This sculptural candle is a regular sell-out for good reason! 

Style: Press (Orange)
Fragrance: Freesia & Tulip
Material: Vegetable Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Wax Colour, Soft Cotton Wick
Dimensions: L 103 mm x H 47 mm
Net weight: 310g
Burning time: approx. 16 hours

Comes in high-quality packaging, making it the perfect luxury gift.

Handmade in South Korea.