Kirby Vase - CURLY


Our range of Kirby Vases come from our friends at AREAWARE, all the way from the design studio of Talbot & Yoon in Brooklyn, New York City.

A Kirby is a ceramic vase for floral arrangements, small bouquets, or a simple stem. Available in three shapes, each with a distinct personality. Think of it as a best bud vase to keep you company.

This one is Curly, a very amiable character who is easy to please. They are content no matter where they are placed in your home – they just feel lucky to be there.

Available in 2 other shapes:
Kirby Vase - ENNY
Kirby Vase - JAY

Talbot & Yoon is a design firm founded by Mark Talbot and Youngjin Yoon, who were trained and registered as Architects in the state of New York. They incorporate their architectural thinking into the playful objects that they design for everyday use.

Talbot & Yoon believe that play is a central tenet of both design and culture and want to facilitate play through their design objects. While the products they sell are ‘finished’ when they leave the studio they are never truly completed; character, variation and reconfigurability allow the consumer to experience the same delight from the products through participating with them both physically and emotionally as Talbot & Yoon experienced designing them.

- Name: CURLY
- Personality: Amiable
- Dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 6 in
- Material: Dolomite
- Created by Talbot & Yoon, Brooklyn