Gradient Puzzle - BLACK & WHITE


Maybe the hardest puzzle you’ll ever attempt, this jigsaw from AREAWARE features a duotone gradient in 100 pieces.

The gradient jigsaw puzzle was designed by the American graphic designer Bryce Wilner. The designer built the puzzle with single pieces that belong together by their colour.

The softly interflowing colours of the puzzles illustrate that there is no defined point on the chromatic scale, where a specific colour becomes another. That's why the puzzle can be considered as completed, even if the 100 pieces lie unordered in the high-quality processed cardboard box, according to Bryce Wilner.

The cardboard material used for the puzzle is durable enough for it to be reassembled many times and taken apart, without losing its quality.

Why not frame your meditative masterpiece once completed?

Also available in a Pink to Blue fade.

- Size: 100 pieces
- Dimensions: 11" x 15" (assembled)
- Material: Glossy art paper (mounted on 2mm chipboard)
- Colours: Black to White fade
- Designed by Bryce Wilner
- Fun and challenging gradient design