'Folklore' Screenprint - BLUE/PINK


This blue and pink variant of our ‘Folklore’ abstract wall art print, has been printed in 2 colours by turning the paper 360° and repeating the design again in a second colour, creating a unique colour overlaid print.

Mid-century modern, like any era of design, evolved. The 1939 World's Fair in New York City had brought the geometric forms and clean lines of the Bauhaus and Danish Modernist movements into the American consciousness, but the style didn't really take shape until the late 1940s, lasting well through the 1960s. At the time, American style was all about embracing the future. It was the era of Sputnik, of astronauts hurtling into space, of the Eisenhower Administration giving way to the Kennedys of Camelot, of the Twilight Zone and the Jetsons.

Printed in 2 colours, by hand, using centuries-old traditional silkscreen printing techniques, giving each print a tactile, colour-rich quality, with natural imperfections.

- Single Colour Screenprint
- Designed and hand printed by FORAJER
- Signed and stamped
- Edition: Open
- Print Colour: Blue & Pink
- Ink: Water-based
- Size: 50cm x 70cm
- Paper: Fabriano Unica - 50% Cotton (250gsm)

This print is posted *Unframed* in a secure poster tube.