Ceramic Bird - LILAC (TOKI)


Our lilac coloured ceramic bird, comes from the renowned JUNO studio.

Cast in a matte ceramic glaze with a little beak, each of our Nordic birds comes in it's own unique size and colour, with each of Juno's birds having its own distinctive shape and character.

The lilac one of the flock is Toki, one of the smallest in the group, but Toki is eternally optimistic and bright, and always a pleasure to have around the place.

Our modern and abstract ceramic birds come in a range of irresistible decorative figures. Place them singly or put a flock on your sideboard for a touch of the Nordics. 

The Nordic design of each represents a well-balanced mix of purity, abstraction, minimalism and, not least, cuteness. 

A collector’s item, each of our six Juno Birds is sold individually, so your flock can continuously grow:

SVEN (Grey)
INKA (Green)
ASA (Mint)
GRO (Peach)
RUNI (Blue)
Full Range of Juno Ceramic Birds

- Name: TOKI
- Colour: Lilac
- Personality: Optimistic & Bright
- Dimensions: 7cm (H) x 5cm (W)
- Material: Ceramic

- Created by JUNO