Ceramic Bird - GREEN (INKA)


Our sage green ceramic bird comes from the studio of JUNO.

Forajer's range of minimalist ornamental birds come in a matte ceramic glaze with a small beak, each of our six Nordic birds comes in a unique size and colour, each with their own distinctive abstract shape and character.

Inka is one of the largest of the flock. Tall and strong in stature. Very little else is known about the big guy, due to the fact that he only speaks in low-pitched grumbles and growls.

Our Juno ceramic birds come in a range of ornamental and decorative figures. Place them on their own or let them join a flock on your sideboard for a touch of the Nordics. 

The six different sizes in the range each represent a particular character, where tiny design related variations give the birds personality. Belonging to the school of modernism, Nordic design is a design movement characterised by a focus on functionalism and simplicity.

A collector’s item, each of our six Juno Birds is sold individually, so your flock can grow as you are ready to home them:

TOKI (Lilac)
SVEN (Grey)
ASA (Mint)
GRO (Peach)
RUNI (Blue)
Full Range of Juno Ceramic Birds

- Name: INKA
- Colour: Sage Green
- Personality: Strong
- Dimensions: 12cm (H) x 7.5cm (W)
- Material: Ceramic

- Created by JUNO