Ceramic Bird - BLUE (RUNI)


Our blue ceramic bird, comes from the studio of JUNO.

Cast in a matte ceramic glaze with a little beak, each of our six Nordic birds comes in a unique size and colour, each with it's own distinctive abstract shape and character.

The blue one of the group is Runi. The largest in the flock, Runi is generally speaking, the chillest bird you will ever meet. However, get him worked up and he has a tendency to go off. This can have its advantages, but Runi struggles to control his power.

Our Juno ceramic birds come in a range of ornamental and decorative figures. Place them on their own or put a flock on your sideboard for a touch of the Nordics. 

Belonging to the school of modernism, Nordic design is a design movement characterised by a focus on functionalism and simplicity.

A collector’s item, each of our six Juno Birds is sold individually, so your flock can grow as you please:

- TOKI (Lilac)
SVEN (Grey)
- ASA (Mint)
- GRO (Peach)
- INKA (Green)
Full Range of Juno Ceramic Birds

- Name: RUNI
- Colour: Blue
- Personality: Chilled (...most of the time)
- Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
- Material: Ceramic

- Created by JUNO