'Call of the Void' Smiley Screenprint - SORBET YELLOW


This 90's inspired screenprint is a clever take on the classic smiley face design, with a touch of 90's flyer design influence.

Titled ‘Call of the Void’, that strange feeling or thought of jumping from a ledge, but not doing it, just having that urge or feeling of 'what if'.

The 'flyer' design scene from the late 80's to early 90's consisted of designs that took influence from many areas, from surrealist artists to science journal illustrations. Embracing a distinctive futuristic but lo -fi design aesthetic of the time. From the birth of acid house and the free party scene, through to the era of super clubs and into the digital age, flyer design has always been an integral part of rave culture.

The Smiley face design has travelled far from its early 1960s origins, changing like a constantly mutating virus: from early 70's fad to late 80's acid house culture, from millennial txt option to serial killer signature and ubiquitous emoticon.

This print comes in 2 sizes: A3 and A2, and is also available in Lavender Purple and Candy Pink colourways.

Printed by hand using the silk screen printing process, so may have subtle differences from the images represented on the site. 


- Size: 42.0cm x 59.4cm (A2) or 29.7cm x 42.0cm (A3)
- Single Colour Screenprint - Designed and hand printed by WRKSHP33
- Signed and stamped by Artist
- Edition: Open
- Print Colour: Black 
- Ink: Water-based 
- Paper: G F Smith Colorplan (270gsm) - Sorbet Yellow

This print is posted *Unframed* in a secure poster tube.