Bundle Of Light - SMILEY


Small, Happy and Bright!

The Smiley family is complete... as we now bring you the brand new 'Bundle of Light' Smiley Lamp, which is designed and made in The Netherlands by our friends at Mr. Maria.

Splash a bit of happiness to your desk or sideboard, whether at home or in the office with Mr Maria's Smiley Bundle of Light. With an LED light and beautifully crafted from BPA-free soft silicone, you can enjoy 15 minutes of light at a time to add an extra bit of positivity to your day.

Our Smiley Bundle of Light lamp comes with a cell battery, which offers 30 hours (120 cycles) of life, and the battery is easily replaceable meaning nothing can stop you from adding a little smile to your life. It switches itself off after 15 minutes of use, so makes the perfect (and happiest) smiley nightlight.

The Original Smiley®
Smiley® was created in the '70's by Franklin Loufrani, highlighting good news stories in the newspapers. It's been a universal symbol of positivity ever since. Smiley® brings people together, communicating positivity for a more emotionally intelligent world.

“Smiley is more than an icon, brand and lifestyle; it’s a spirit and a philosophy and exists to remind people of how powerful a smile is and how much a simple smile can change both your life and the lives of others around you. A true icon of positivity, happy as can be.”

Take the time to smile....

We also have the iconic Smiley Lamp available in an XL Size HERE and the Medium 'Star Light' Size HERE

Part of the proceeds of all Smiley products go to the charity SmileyFund.org

- Designed & Made in The Netherlands
- Character: SMILEY
- Colour: Yellow
- Size: (H) 12 x (W) 12 x (D) 12cm
- Material: BPA Free Soft Silicone
- LED lamp powered by cell battery
- Turns Off After 15 Minutes
- 1 Brightness Setting
- Includes CR2032 Cell Battery
- Battery will power the LED for up to 30 hours