London Brick Vase - WHITE


The famous London Brick, nothing is quite so ubiquitous. It is everywhere, yet rarely taken notice of, apart from by architecture buffs and builders. Stolen Form have reimagined the humble London Brick and re-appropriated it to become a sleek ceramic White London Brick Vase. Handcrafted by a master ceramicist in East London.

The Stolen Form London Brick Vase is multipurpose in use and a striking feature to add to any styled home. Perfect for pairing with flowers, kitchen utensils, stationery or as a standalone ornament.

Forajer has these retro inspired London Brick vases in YellowGrey and Turquoise options, to suit any interior taste or style and add some iconic design to your home or office.

Stolen Form's White Brick Vase makes a unique gift for any occasion, whether a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Housewarming present.

London based design house 'Stolen Form' was founded in 2012 by Christian Marsden, after years of exploring the streets of London and noticing everyday overlooked objects and how their functionality could be elevated.

Handmade in Britain – Build your collection today.

- Material: Ceramic Earthenware (Dishwasher Safe)
- Finish: Gloss
- Dimensions: 200mm (H) x 95mm (W) x 60mm (D)
- Capacity: 525ml
- Boxed Weight: 1 KG