London Brick Vase - GREY


Staying true to its familiar ‘frogged’ form while re-imagining its function, STOLEN FORM have designed a sleek ceramic brick vase, multipurpose in use and a striking feature to add to any interior space.

This iconic and abstract vase is in a grey colourway, with a clear ceramic glaze. Forajer also have these Stolen Form Brick vases available in Yellow, Turquoise and White options, to suit all interior tastes and styles.

Stolen Form's Brick Vase is a multipurpose sleek ceramic vase that will add a slice of modern iconic design to any room. Whether flowers in the lounge, utensils in the kitchen or stationery on your desk, this classic design will bring the city indoors.

This highly unusual vessel will brighten your home, or make a unique gift for any occasion such as a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Housewarming present.

London based design house 'Stolen Form' was founded in 2012 by Christian Marsden, after years of exploring the streets of London and noticing everyday overlooked objects and how their functionality could be elevated.

Handmade in Britain – Build your collection today.

- Material: Ceramic Earthenware (Dishwasher Safe)
- Finish: Gloss
- Dimensions: 200mm (H) x 95mm (W) x 60mm (D)
- Capacity: 525ml
- Boxed Weight: 1 KG