Astronaut Planters - SMALL & LARGE (Set of 2)



These white ceramic astronaut planters from the space cadets at BITTEN DESIGN are out of this world, and look fantastic when paired up for a mission.

Their retro and detailed design makes them an out-of-this-world addition to any interior, whether in a styled home or your kids bedroom to help their imaginations drift to galaxies far far away. The white finish of the spacemen’s suits mirror the original suits worn by Neil and Buzz.

In this set of two sizes, these spaceman planters, with a glazed white finish, are a constant reminder that green-fingered humans make the world a better place.

Boost your shelf style by astronomical proportions with these Astronaut Planters and bring some intergalactic fun to your home. These spacemen would make a wonderful gift idea for those who love a bit of astronomy or space exploration, and can be made all the more special when gifted with a plant already potted.

Their open-top plant pot space suits offer the perfect environment for growing foliage, in our very own atmosphere here on Earth.

Split them up if you prefer, and purchase individually in Small or Large sizes.


Material - White Ceramic
Finish - Gloss
Dimensions - 210mm (H) x 160mm (W) x 100mm (D)

Material - White Ceramic
Finish - Gloss
Dimensions - 170mm (H) x 135mm (W) x 100mm (D)