Bundle Of Light - BORIS


Our Bundle Of Light Series of collectable lamps are brought to you by Mr. Maria - bringing Dutch design, which is inspired by the rest of the world.

This series of collectable mini-lights consists of little bundles of joy from the magical world of Miffy & Friends - one of The Netherlands' most famous characters. Originating from the picture books first created in 1955, drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna.

This lamp comes in the cute form of BORIS (no, not that one), who is part of the Miffy & Friends universe and he's here to make you smile. Boris Bear usually lives in the little wooden house near the woods with his girlfriend, Barbara Bear, but he has had permission to come and stay with you.

Each 'Bundle Of Light' is made of soft silicone and comes with a cell battery to power the LED lamp. An On/Off switch on the bottom of the lamp allows you to control when its in use, but it has a 15 minute timer which will automatically turn off the light.

The 'Bundle Of Light' is created to bring little moments of light into your home. Collect them for a happy display on your shelves or gift them to the friends (old or young) who you cherish the most. A beautiful ornamental piece, which looks great in any room.

Sprinkle your own positive vibes and colours alongside, and bring these modern shapes to life.

We also have the MIFFY 'Bundle Of Light' in our collection here.

Come on... dive headfirst into the wonderful fantasy world of Mr Maria!

- Designed in The Netherlands
- Character: BORIS
- Colour: White
- Size: (H) 10 x (W) 9.8 x (D) 7cm
- On/Off Switch (automatically turns off after 15 mins)
- Material: BPA-free soft silicone
- Lightsource: 6mA LED Lamp
- Includes: CR2032 Cell Battery
- Certification: CE, FCC, KC, RCM, REACH, RoHS