Vintage Mid-Century Pottery - ATOMIC STARBURST VASE


A classic example of a 1950’s Mid-Century Atomic Age design Vase.

A gloss black vase with white hand painted starburst motifs make this a real stand out piece.

Among mid-century enthusiasts, the starburst is king. Vintage starburst hardware, clocks, mirror, vases and prints featured on early mid century designs from roughly 1940-1963. Atomic Age design became popular and instantly recognisable, with a use of atomic motifs and space age symbols.

1950's America immersed itself in all things gloriously Atomic - from kaleidoscopic barkcloth to sleek stylish boomerang tables, to an episode of The Jetsons. An amorous affair with the molecular which would ultimately shift into a universal apocalyptic dread unprecedented in human history. North American paradox at its best.

Essentially, the detonation of the first atomic bomb (oddly named "Trinity") ushered in what came to be known as The Atomic Age. The Atomic Era could be described as a surreal and bizarre period of atomic optimism, which infused an entire culture with promises of the wonders of a nuclear future. 

An out of this world statement piece!

Dimensions: 12(W) x 20(H) cm
Material: Ceramic (Glazed)
Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Unknown

Year: c.1950's
Condition: Very Good (small chip to rim - see picture)

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