Create doodles and pavement murals with the Moon Chalk 'Cosmic Pollen'. Draw anything from shooting stars, lunar landscapes and starry nights from dots, lines and curves.

This unique ball shaped chalk has bumps, to create fun, unusual and creative patterns.

Great for kids and adults alike, with each Moon chalk coming in its own box, making them a unique and very different gift. They also look great as an ornamental piece, if you'd rather not use them.

Designed by Nikolas Bentel for Areaware. Bentel has been commissioned by brands to create exciting, strange, and engaging experiences using alternate forms of product design, advertising and performance art. Bentel's goal in creating Moon Chalk was to make a geometrically precise drawing tool but something that creates new and original patterns, which are not tied to exact measurements or drawing rules.

Made from 100% chalk, so easily washes off any surface and is non-toxic.

Available in alternative shapes, which make a great collection: Lunar Rake, Satellite Stack and a Triple Colour Set.

particle floating
weightless mid-air ballet
a rolling gesture

- Material: 100% Chalk (Non-Toxic)
- Size: 3" x 3" x 3"
- Designer: Nikolas Bentel