Forajer Tote Bag - 'LOGO' YELLOW



This 100% cotton tote bag has been screenprinted by hand with the iconic Forajer brand logo, in black ink. With its retro style and soft feel, it brings versatility and style to your shoulder! It has a single open compartment for all of your essentials, from your make-up and keys, to a reusable water bottle or a Forajer notebook.

All of our totes have designed and printed by us here in our UK HQ, using the traditional silkscreen process. The level of print quality is a step above the more traditional digital printing you find on many alternatives.

Made in a lightweight material (100% cotton), this bag is easy to fold and store (in your car or pocket) and be used whenever needed. It's reusable so can help alleviate the global problem we have with single use plastic carrier bags.

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Bag Dimensions: 42 x 38 cm
- Shoulder Straps: 67cm long
- Capacity: 10 litres
- Weight: 140 gsm

Available in a variety of Colours & Designs